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Lyda van Tol at the Pleyel piano.

I am Lyda van Tol a singer, pianist, composer, musician, living in the beautiful Charente department of South-West France. Music is my life, everything I do revolves around music. My first love is classical music, but I like all kinds.

Music for me is a beautiful way of exploring, deepening, and connecting our journey through life. Music through life, and life through music!

My musical journey started at the Sweelinck Concervatorium in Amsterdam where I studied piano. From there I went on to sing under the guidance of a great singer and wonderful teacher named Dorothy Dorow. She taught me to sing in a flexible open way, with a lot of expression. With her teaching I was able to adapt and sing many different kinds of performance.

Before moving to France I was very active in Amsterdam, as a singer, teacher, pianist, coaching and creating for choirs and ensembles. Always busy with musical projects….from Baroque to contemporary music, and more recently Jazz.

Composing music has always been a dream of mine, but I never really had the time for it. However, I found inspiration in the peace and quiet of my new home in the beautiful Charente, France.

Music has the ability to bring us joy and comfort, motivate us and help us relax. It has the power to transport us back in time, calm our worried minds or boost our mood. There really is a song for every emotion.

I draw inspiration from the music itself, from classical to jazz and everything in between. Life inspires and motivates me.