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Selected tracks from 3 albums remastered for your listening pleasure.
Le Cafe – 1992
Lyda Van Tol – Soprano
With the ‘Ensemble de Fontainbleau
Coosje Kempers – traverso
Micke van Loon – baroque cello
Norbert Bartleman – harpsichord, organ
Johannes Passion – 1999
Aria (Sopraan) Ich folge dir gleichfals.
Aria (Soprano) I follow you too.
From the 1999 album Johannes Passion
Hans Wijers – Bass
Wim Dijkstra – Organ
Johannes Boer – Viola
Paula Quint – Lute
Baroque music had a profound impact on the development of Western classical music and continues to influence composers and musicians today. Its grand and ornate style is often seen as a representation of the opulence and grandeur of the Baroque era, and its emphasis on elaborate forms and structures helped to lay the foundation for the development of later musical styles such as the classical and romantic eras.